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comments and questions

When a donation has been made, the following message will be sent from Mollie to the YFHR infobox.

Dear Gerbrig deinum,

 You have received a new iDEAL payment for the

Youth for Human Rights Netherlands Foundation (
Replace Gerbrig deinum with Dear treasurer

Under the headline news are activities that have been done, but then suddenly on page 2 and further human rights commercials start. I find illogical. Also because they are already elsewhere

Request an education package or information package. (Page Lesson package under  Education material)  Part of the new text is: In both cases, by submitting your application, you agree  that Youth for Human Rights International will share your name and email address with Youth for  Human Rights Netherlands.

Question: Does this need a booth? And a storage option? Or is this enough? Ticking a box means that the data will be saved?


Contact bovenin?